Over the past ten years, the Beat Film Festival team has not only been screening documentaries, but has also been immersed in the processes of creation. We have been producing, pitching, making roll-out strategies, and selling films. We were on board for the creation of Nike’s almanac about amateur football, marking the World Cup in Russia - Zdorovo i vechno - becoming one of the most successful documentaries in the Russian box office; Brexitannia, shot in b/w and 3/4, earned tens of thousands of euros in international distribution; a dozen films from Beat Film Festival’s National Competition went to international festivals and launched their makers' careers. We are inspired to use this experience to develop the local film industry to new levels of professionalism.

We see our goal as connecting all the links of the process: filmmakers, funding and - of course - the audience, in order to contribute to the emergence of documentary films that are exemplary in all respects, developing an industry than embraces a variety of formats, united by a professional and systematic approach to business
Kirill Sorokin
co-founder and program director of Beat Film Festival


• consultations for projects at the development and launch stages;

• creative supervising of launched projects at different stages;

• working with brands and agencies that want to integrate documentaries into their marketing strategies;

• "packaging" projects at the post-production level, in terms of communication with the audience, marketing and sales;

• consulting Russian VOD platforms that see potential in documentary formats, but do not fully understand how to interact with them and how to embed them into their identity.