Holy war. The history of Runet

Holy war. The history of Runet
Andrei Loshak / 2019, Russia, 67 min

The series by Andrei Loshak about the history of Runet: from the anarchy of the 90s to the prison sentence for a repost

25 years ago, in April 1994, the first domain in «.ru» zone was registered and the history of Runet began. Its evolution reflected the social and political processes in the country and changed us. The series by Andrei Loshak is aimed to create a detailed documentary chronicle of Runet. The film was shot from the Siberian hinterland to Silicon Valley, among the characters — half-forgotten pioneers and today’s heroes.

The first two episodes of «Holy war» (they will be shown at the Beat Film Festival) are devoted to the origin of the Runet: a pair of hippies from California, who decided to build telecommunication networks between the superpowers after taking LSD, gang fights in which the pioneers of Runet take part and the culture of “padonki”. The relationship of the giants of the Russian Internet with each other is a separate story with its own drama: “Rambler” arose from the indexing of microbes, and Mail.ru has almost swallowed Yandex. In the 2000s Runet developed freely and rapidly so that several projects that could compete with global companies were created: search engines, social networks, postal services. Times change and so does the net. Since 2012, the state has been trying to take the network under control: the confrontation between the government and the online community is described in the latest series of the project.


09 June
KARO 11 Oktyabr
LANGUAGE: russian

Andrey Loshak

Director Russia