All These Sleepless Nights

All These Sleepless Nights
Michal Marczak / 2016, Poland, UK, 100 min.

2016, Poland, UK, 100 min.

Michal Marczak

A sensation at the Sundance film festival, this film blurs the line between fiction and documentary filmmaking, with all the names of the participants, scenery and dialogue being real

At the centre of the plot are Christoph and Michal, two young well-to-do roommates from Warsaw, for whom life is an endless game. Their days and nights consist of bars, house parties and open air raves, walks through streets with their eyes closed and hungover mornings with beautiful girls. This is until one falls in love with the others ex-girlfriend. Love spares no one, the three members of the love triangle separate, and Christoph, left without his girlfriend or his best friend, finds himself in a whirlpool of random acquaintances and white powder. Director Michal Marczak, who critics are dubbing the new Terrence Malick, masterfully portrays the current generation’s joy for and bewilderment of life, the pain of growing up and the unrestraint of youth, narcotic euphoria and the quiet happiness of mutual understanding, dancing for days on end, Cupids arrows piercing hearts and all these sleepless nights.



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